Our model reduces waste…

We make plant-milk bases for cafeterias to insert into their Uproot dispensers. When you push the dispenser button, the base blends with water to create the creamy, delicious milk Uproot is known for. Because we wait until the very end of the process to add water, we ship a reduced volume of product than a traditional ready-to-drink, non-dispenser beverage. This results in huge improvements in terms of both greenhouse emissions and packaging efficiency.

…generates less greenhouse gas than dairy…

Put simply, the dairy industry produces a ton of emissions. Unlike plants (such as soy, almonds, oats, peas, or coconuts), cows need feed, and producing feed requires a ton of fuel for energy and transportation. Producing dairy milk itself releases more than double the greenhouse gasses as are taken to produce feed; most of the emissions at this stage are from cow manure, farts, and belches. After all this, the dairy milk still must be processed, packaged, transported, and sold, all of which leads to additional emissions.

While Uproot has not done an independent analysis, assessments by comparable plant milk companies show that switching to a plant-milk option equates to a roughly 70% reduction in emissions on a volume basis.

…and requires less water, too.

Did you know that an average dairy cow drinks over 30 gallons of water per day? That’s on top of the water necessary to grow her feed, clean her pen, etc.

Making a beverage directly from plants makes a lot more sense. Even almonds — which research indicates are a particularly inefficient crop from the perspective of water consumption — are still twice as water-efficient as dairy.

Bottom line: the future is plant-based.

At Uproot, we believe that transitioning towards a plant-based diet is a critical component of global efforts to reduce environmental impact. EPA data shows that animal agriculture accounts for over [[check stat see axiom ppt]] 9% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US; almost half of that is from livestock alone. Studies have shown that switching to plant-based alternatives remains one of the easiest ways an individual can reduce their own environmental impact. By providing delicious and healthy plant-milk to large numbers of people, Uproot is changing perceptions of plant-based foods. Our milks are one part of the long, system-wide process of shifting how we consume in order to ensure a bright future for our planet.