Our concentrates are better for the world…

71% less

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transporting Uproot Products vs Ready-To-Drink

You might have noticed that Uproot products are usually served from a beverage dispenser. That’s because we make our products as 2:1 concentrates, just by adding less water at the time of production. Our consumers get the same delicious, healthy, plant-based beverage they expect, but with lower transportation emissions and packaging waste along the way.

56% less

Packaging Waste with Uproot Products vs Half-Gallon Cartons

…generate less greenhouse gas than dairy…

Plants consume carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, but growing and harvesting, transportation, and production processes all cause emissions. While Uproot has not done an independent analysis, assessments by Ripple and Oatly show that switching to a plant-based option equates to roughly 70% reduction in emissions on a volume basis.

…and require less water, too.

Did you know that an average dairy cow drinks over 30 gallons of water per day? That’s on top of the water necessary to grow her feed, clean her pen, etc.

Making a beverage directly from plants makes a lot more sense. And while yes, research indicates that almonds are a particularly inefficient crop from the perspective of water consumption, even they still beat dairy at the quantities used in our products.

Bottom line: the future is plant-based.

At Uproot, we believe that transitioning progressively to plant-based diet is a critical component of global efforts to reduce environmental impact. EPA data shows that agriculture accounts for over 9% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US; almost half of that is from livestock alone. Studies have shown that switching to plant-based alternative remains one of the easiest ways an individual can reduce their own environmental impact. Doing so is critical to any plan for the future of our planet.