How sustainable are Uproot plant-based milks?

See our sustainability page for details on the environmental benefits from choosing our products, and plant-based milks in general.

Do your products have added gums or stabilizers?

All of our products include Gum Arabic, Gellan Gum, and/or Locust Bean Gum. This is necessary to ensure that every glass of Uproot milk creamy and delicious, and to ensure the shelf-life necessary to use our products in food service.

Where are Uproot products produced?

We produce all of our products at Hope & Main, a shared-use commercial kitchen in Warren RI.

Are Uproot products lower quality because they are dispensed from concentrate?

No! Unlike fruit juice, we do not need to remove water from a finished beverage. Plant milks are made by blending dry nuts or grains with water. We simply add less water during production to make a liquid concentrate that works well with dispensers and is more sustainable to package and transport.

How does the nutrition value of your plant milks compare to dairy milk?

The nutritional composition varies between plant bases. Full nutritional info is available on our product page.

Do you offer your products in retail?

We do not currently offer our products in retail. If you would like to purchase uproot milks please let us know! We are always open to new things.