FAQ’s for Food Service Directors

Where are Uproot products produced?

We produce all of our products at Hope & Main, a shared-use, code-compliant kitchen in Warren RI.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products have a refrigerated shelf life of at least 14 days after distribution. Please refer to the labels for specific use-by dates.

How are your products distributed?

We use Farm Fresh Rhode Island’s Market Mobile program, which distributes local foods from Rhode Island-area growers and producers to wholesale buyers. Currently, our products are available only for Thursday delivery. To learn more and to register, visit their new customers page .

DUPLICATE - Are your milks lower quality because they are dispensed from concentrate?

No, unlike fruit juice, we do not remove water from a finished beverage. We simply add less water during production because plant milks are made by blending dry nuts or grains with water.

DUPLICATE — How does the nutrition value of your plant milks compare to dairy milk?

The nutritional composition varies between plant bases. In general, our milks have ½ the sugar and the same amount of fat as 2% milk. Our milks are fortified with calcium and other key vitamins and minerals. Please refer to the our product sheet for specific nutritional information.

Where do you purchase ingredients?

We work with established ingredient suppliers throughout United States with a reputation for quality. See blog series for more info CA almonds from CA, Cocoa POwder with decent labor, etc. but not making local claim INgredeints you can feel safe and comfortable wih; high quality FEELS VAGUE… ??

How do you manage the risk of allergen cross-contact?

When making our plant milk bases, we follow a strict allergen control policy at all stages of production and distribution to minimize the risk of cross-contact. However, the facility where we make our products also processes all of the major allergens.

All our concentrate bottles are color-coded to reduce the chance of products with allergens from accidentally being placed in the incorrect dispenser slot. We recommend that food services label slots in the dispenser with a sticker of the corresponding color to provide an additional visual cue.

We cannot entirely eliminate the possibility of cross-contact during the dispensing process (e.g., splashing, cleaning). All beverages served from a dispenser contain all allergens that are also served from that dispenser.

Who manufactures and services the dispenser?

We work with BUNN, a leading manufacturer of beverage dispensers, to manufacture, install and service the dispensers through their BUNNserve program.

Is there a cost for the dispenser?

Uproot covers the cost of purchase, installation, and servicing for each dispenser, including an annual preventative maintenance. The food service is responsible for providing a filtered water line and electricity to the dispenser. We are happy to work with locations that would prefer to purchase and maintain their dispenser(s) independently; please contact us at info@uprootmilk.com for more details.

How do you operate the dispenser?

Our dispenser is identical to a juice dispenser. We provide 1-gallon bottles of plant milk base that load quickly and easily into the front of the dispenser. For each bottle of concentrate, 3 or more gallons of chilled, ready to drink beverage are dispensed.

What are the cleaning requirements?

Daily, the surfaces and nozzles of the dispenser must must be wiped and sanitized. Every three days, the internals of the dispenser must be cleaned and sanitized. This includes breaking down some components and flushing the dispenser with sanitizer.

These requirements are similar to those for juice dispensers. Details can be found in our Cleaning Procedures Document.