Where can I buy Uproot?

Uproot is available for food services, through some Northeastern food distributors. We are always working to expand our delivery network. If we don’t currently deliver to your area or use your preferred distributor, reach out and we will make it happen!

How does the nutritional value of your plant milks compare to dairy milk? 

The nutritional composition varies between plant milks. In general, Uproot milks have ½ the sugar and the same amount of fat as 2% milk. Uproot soy and chocolate pea milks have the same amount of protein as dairy milk. All Uproot milks are fortified with calcium and other key vitamins and minerals. Please refer to our product sheet for specific nutritional information.

Is there a cost for the dispenser?

Nope! Uproot will cover the cost of purchase, installation, and servicing each dispenser, including annual preventative maintenance. We are happy to work with facilities that would prefer to purchase and maintain their dispenser(s) independently - please contact us for more details.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Uproot ensures that its products are delivered with 10 days of refrigerated shelf life remaining. Please refer to the labels for specific use by dates. Products should be used within 7 days after opening.

How are your products distributed? 

Uproot products are carried by multiple food service distributors serving the northeastern United States. Please inquire for a list of current distributors, or to have your preferred distributor added to our network!

Where do you purchase ingredients? 

We work with established ingredient suppliers throughout the United States with a reputation for quality. Send us a note to learn more about our sourcing methods!

How do you manage the risk of allergen cross-contact?

We cannot entirely eliminate the possibility of cross-contact during the dispensing process (e.g., splashing, cleaning). To be safe, we suggest you assume all beverages served from a dispenser contain all allergens that are also served from that dispenser.

To reduce the chance of allergen-containing products being placed in the incorrect slot of a dispenser each slot is color coded and matches the corresponding color on the product packaging. 

We follow a strict allergen control policy at all stages of production to minimize the risk of cross-contact. However, our products are produced in a facility that also processes all of the major allergens.