How sustainable are Uproot’s milks?

Not only are our milks a great choice for you, they also are great for the environment! Plant milks are incredibly efficient because they both emit less greenhouse gasses and use less water than dairy milk. By making plant milk bases for cafeteria dispensers rather than a ready-to-drink product, Uproot reduces packaging waste and cuts down on emissions from the transport process. See our sustainability page for details.

Are Uproot products lower quality because they are dispensed from a plant milk base rather than being ready-to-drink?

No! Unlike fruit juice, we do not need to remove water from a finished beverage. Plant milks are made by blending dry nuts or grains with water. We simply add less water during production to make a base that works well with dispensers and is more sustainable to package and transport.

How does the nutrition value of your plant milks compare to dairy milk?

Our plant milks are healthy enough to drink every day, and they compare favorably to dairy milk. Our milks have more fiber, more calcium, more iron, and more Vitamin D than dairy milk, and also have fewer total sugars, less fat, fewer calories, and lower sodium. The exact nutritional composition varies between our milks depending on the plant involved, and full nutritional info is available on our milks page.

Do your products have added gums or stabilizers?

To achieve a creamy, delicious texture and a sufficient shelf-life we use gum arabic, gellan gum and locust bean gum in our milks.

Do you offer your products in retail?

We do not currently offer our products in retail. However, our mission is to make plant milk available in as many places as possible, and we are open to your suggestions about new ways to achieve this goal. Tell us your thoughts by emailing info@uprootmilk.com!