Bulk done right.

The Sprout dispenser liberates plant milk from the confines of cartons, mini-fridges, and single-variety dispensers. Now you can serve the most popular plants milks in one convenient dispenser. We’re proving that better access leads to more people drinking plant milk. That’s healthier for people and the planet.


Simple service

We make it easy to manage and serve plant milk. Less time spent on cleaning, stocking, and maintenance gives you more time to focus on the important things.

Better taste

We don’t want to be your milk alternative, we want to be your milk of choice. That’s why Uproot has less sugar, more protein and essential vitamins. It is healthy enough to drink every day.

Less waste

An Uproot dispenser prevents thousands of pounds of packaging waste from going to landfill every year. From coffee shops to cafeterias, our goal is to make plant milk cartons a thing of the past.



Better than bulk.

For when 3 varieties just aren’t enough. The Stem Dispenser is the first machine to serve plant milk from concentrate. In only 15” of counter space you get 4 delicious and healthy plant milks at the push of a button. And unlike other concentrates, we don’t need to remove water, so there’s no loss of quality.